For a Healthier, More Energy-Efficient Home

We provide an all-inclusive approach to the development of your building project, reviewing its architecture, engineering, systems and products. Using an in-depth professional brainstorming process, our experts bring their knowledge and experience to integrate the components of your design into a healthier, more energy-efficient, sustainable home. Our team and your team actively work together in a process that could save you thousands of dollars during construction and over the life of your home. This unique approach capitalizes on the experience of all participants, working together towards the common goals for your project, similar to what is known as an "ecocharrette" for large, commercial projects. Even experienced architects and builders are surprised at the efficacy of having the entire team in one room, coordinating the details of your home.

Energy-Efficient Home

Customized Integrative Plan Review

The Meeting

In this whole-house design analysis, our team of professionals helps refine your plan for an energy-efficient, healthy, green home. Since building this way is unfamiliar to some contractors, we provide as much information as possible to help you navigate the process and keep your project goals on track. You get a focused and detailed group review that addresses your specific design. The meeting is held in our dedicated training room at the Leading Force Showroom at 17 North 3rd Street in Downtown Yakima.

The Cost

For $1000 you receive…

Two-hour expert consultation

Five building and design professionals

Vouchers worth $1200

Knowledgeable advice specific to your project

The Experts

Terry Phelan, Architect, Living Shelter Design

Steve Weise, Builder, Leading Force Contracting

Jeff Greear, Solar Expert, Ellensburg Solar

Paul Smith, Mechanical Systems, Paul's Air FX 

The Result

You walk away with real-world ideas to help improve your project quickly and effectively. There is no further obligation to work with us, but if you do, you’ll receive $1200 in vouchers towards products and services. We hope you’ll consider hiring any or all of our team members.

What to Bring to Your Team Consult

To maximize the use of our time and expertise, you should bring as much of the following information as possible to your Team Consult:

  • Aerial view of the property

  • GIS map if available

  • Video of the property

  • Weather data for the area

  • Preliminary house plans

  • Prioritized list of goals and needs

  • List of unique furniture that the plans need to accommodate

  • Construction budget and timeline

  • Additional photos of the property and surrounding areas

  • Any plans for the property such as outbuilding, pool, veranda, or major landscaping

  • Your team members such as builder and/or architect