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In 1912 the Stone family opened a building materials distribution company in upstate New York. Innovators, and champions of their craft, they became pioneers under the banner of The Metroflor Corporation.

Metroflor was the first company to develop a pure, homogenous vinyl floor tile now known as LVT.  It has transformed the flooring market with its floating floor system. This and more has been developed with the customer firmly at heart, and a focus on greater ease of use to help architects and fitters work better and smarter.

Their product line named Aspecta, contains beautiful trendsetting tiles and planks.  With colors to suit every type of space and a range of embosses to create authentic, eye-catching textures that enhance the natural details of the designs. 

Metroflor strives towards continual environmental improvement. They minimize thier waste and invest significant time and energy into formulation improvements that use safer and more environmentally desirable raw materials.

For Aspecta details and pricing, stop by our Leading Force Energy and Design Center showroom in Yakima. Specializing in "green" materials, our integrated design team will work with you, providing products and systems that are indeed, smart, healthier, and sustainableLeading Force Energy and Design Center is located in downtown YakimaWashington/Central Washington.  Leading Force Energy and Design Center, Healthy Homes For LiFE.  


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