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By Ashly Custer September 9, 2012

YAKIMA, Wash. -- This single story three bedroom house isn't just green on the outside, it was built green from the ground up.

The walls of the home were built using insulated concrete, which is made of recycled wood pallets and cement. And that's not all, this house has a lots of perks such as zero VOC paint and products, an HRV fresh air system, low maintenance finishes from the stained concrete floors to custom concrete countertops. All in an effort to lesson your impact on the environment.

"Trying to help people in Yakima Valley realize that building green is just a wonderful thing to do for your family and your pocketbook."

It also has skylights to help reduce utility costs, but the builder's favorite thing about this house is the way it uses the sun to heat its water. This solar thermal system can hold 2,100 gallons of water and it’s heated using solar panels on the roof. The hot water doesn't just warm up the house, but also the floors.

So why build green? It can be healthier, economical, environmentally responsible, lower maintenance.
This is one of two five star built green homes in Yakima. Both were built by Steve Weise.

"To have somebody tell you- you changed the way they lived that they have results from living in one of these homes that changed their whole health that's very very satisfying."

And that's why he says he'll continue to build green.

It actually doesn't cost a whole lot more to build green than it would to construct any other home. Weise says this house cost roughly $200 a square foot to build.