Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Winners

The Indoor airPLUS Leader Awards were created to recognize Indoor airPLUS Program partners who construct and verify Indoor airPLUS homes, designed and built for improved indoor air quality. This annual award recognizes market leading organizations who promote safer, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environments by participating with Indoor airPLUS and offering enhanced indoor air quality protections for their new homebuyers.


The Indoor airPLUS Leader Awards will be formally presented at the 2020 Virtual EEBA High Performance Home Summit, on October 5th at 3:00 PM CDT. At this event, EPA will also announce the Indoor airPLUS Leaders of the Year -- awarded to just one builder and one rater -- for outstanding program participation and promotion. To learn more and register for this excellent educational event on high performance homes, building science, and indoor air quality, visit

Note: To view previous year winners, please visit Past Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Winners.

Congratulations to the 2020 Indoor airPLUS Award Winners!

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C&B Custom Homes

C&B Custom Homes, as an independent builder in Cottonwood, Arizona, continues to provide custom-built homes on the cutting edge of health and efficiency. Through their continued expertise and history in their market, C&B Custom Homes has built a reputation around constructing a healthy home. They have built 100% of their homes as Indoor airPLUS since 2014 and regularly engage with their market to communicate the benefits that come with the Indoor airPLUS label. C&B Custom Homes continues to be a dedicated and outstanding partner. Congratulations on your now seventh consecutive Indoor airPLUS Leader Award.


Charis Homes

CharisSince joining the Indoor airPLUS program in 2017, Charis Homes has been an enthusiastic partner that focuses on education of clients and the community. A premier builder in Northeast Ohio, Charis Homes holds public building seminars on their building process, where they emphasize the importance of indoor air quality. Charis Homes continues to set themselves apart in providing a quieter, healthier home for homebuyers in their market by participation in DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home Program and emphasizing the importance and ease of meeting the Indoor airPLUS requirements that are an integral part of the Zero Energy Ready Home certification. EPA is proud to see Indoor airPLUS partners like Charis Homes taking full advantage of the engagement and marketing materials the Indoor airPLUS program offers and using them to educate homeowners of the value of the Indoor airPLUS label.


DJK Custom Homes

For their commitment to building homes that place occupant health first, DJK Custom Homes is being awarded with their first Indoor airPLUS Leader Award. DJK Custom Homes puts an emphasis on ensuring their whole team is educated on the benefits and features of their Indoor airPLUS qualified homes to better serve their client base in the Chicago, Illinois area. DJK Custom Homes has found that their clients are increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy home, fostering the organization’s commitment to building 100% Indoor airPLUS homes. EPA looks forward to continuing this partnership in delivering healthier homes for American families.


Dorn Homes

Dorn Homes sees the importance of educating their community and their team on the importance and value of their Indoor airPLUS qualified homes. As the largest homebuilder in Northern Arizona, Dorn touts its "organic" homes as offering healthy indoor environments for people and pets, as well as for allergy and asthma sufferers. Their company also recently hosted a community event in coordination with a third-party energy rating company to educate homeowners and potential clients on each feature of an Indoor airPLUS qualified home. EPA is honoring Dorn Homes with their first Indoor airPLUS Leader Award and is looking forward to seeing the new and innovative educational materials Dorn Homes will be producing to promote the Indoor airPLUS features of their homes.


Fulton Homes

Fulton Homes has taken advantage of Indoor airPLUS marketing material and messaging, placing Indoor airPLUS logos in their sales offices and using the Indoor airPLUS co-brandable consumer brochures to point out specific features for clients. Their company places special emphasis on collaborating with their Rater and educating their sales staff to communicate the benefits of Indoor airPLUS to their homebuyers. Fulton Homes demonstrates their connection with their immediate community as well as their deep understanding of the importance of indoor air quality. Their organization reaches out to the community as well as other builder organizations to discuss the benefits, features, and ease of building to Indoor airPLUS standards, including speaking at the RESNET Conference in 2020 to share some of their marketing efforts, providing key tips for other builders interested in the Indoor airPLUS program. A now six-time Leader Award winner, Fulton Homes has proven to be a true champion for Indoor airPLUS. EPA is proud of Fulton Homes’ commitment to constructing healthier homes and looks forwards to the continued growth of this partnership. Congratulations to Fulton Homes on another fantastic year and a well-deserved Indoor airPLUS Leader Award!

Kettler Forlines Homes

Kettler Forlines Homes has championed the health benefits of Indoor airPLUS homes for over 10 years, showing genuine concern for providing communities in suburban Maryland, northern Virginia, and West Virginia with healthier homes. Their organization places a strong emphasis on utilizing the Indoor airPLUS educational and marketing materials, using every opportunity to introduce the Indoor airPLUS Program to potential homebuyers and educating their clients about the benefits of improved indoor air quality. Kettler Forlines understands the importance of how to message improved indoor air quality to their consumers and uses the Indoor airPLUS checklist to walk consumers through benefits not easily visible in the home. Previously winning an Indoor airPLUS Leader Award in 2015, EPA is excited to award Kettler Forlines Homes with their second Leader Award – congratulations!


Leading Force Contracting Services

Leading Force Contracting Services has made homeowner education a key pillar of their business, ensuring their clients know the quality of the features of their Indoor airPLUS qualified homes. Their organization provides extensive education throughout the entire process, from marketing materials provided upon initial inquiry, to providing homeowners with the option to walk through their new home at various stages of construction to visualize how the Indoor airPLUS construction specifications are making their home healthier. Leading Force Contracting Services shows a strong commitment to making Indoor airPLUS standard practice in their Central Washington market. EPA would like to congratulate Leading Force Contracting Services on their first Indoor airPLUS Leader Award and is excited to grow this partnership.


Mandalay Homes

Mandalay Homes utilizes the Indoor airPLUS program to build by their company mantra of “Liveability First”, meaning everything that goes into a Mandalay home must enhance the benefit of the home to the homeowner without affecting how they live. As a long-standing Indoor airPLUS partner, their organization has been a consistent provider of better built, healthy homes with key indoor air quality features. By exploring advanced air sealing techniques and including high-performance ventilation and filtration in all their homes, Mandalay truly believes that owning or living in a healthy home should not be an optional upgrade. EPA congratulates Mandalay homes on their sixth Indoor airPLUS Leader Award and appreciates their continued commitment to providing Arizona homeowners with healthier homes.


Maracay Homes

Maracay Homes’ decades-long passion for building sustainable, healthy homes is evident in every home they build. Maracay Homes utilize the Indoor airPLUS program specifications throughout all their homes and through their LivingSmart® program, emphasizing how the Indoor airPLUS program contributes to their all-encompassing green homes. Maracay Homes takes pride in ensuring their team is educated on the importance of an Indoor airPLUS qualified home, receiving specialized training from energy rating companies, which allows their team to successfully relay the benefits to homeowners. Using their robust social media strategies, Maracay Homes seeks to cast a wide net in educating their Arizona community on the benefits of building to Indoor airPLUS. EPA congratulates Maracay Homes on their second Indoor airPLUS Leader Award!


Thrive Home Builders

Thrive Home Builders proudly serves the Greater Denver area by building homes with a focus on energy efficiency and indoor air quality. As a national leader and the largest Indoor airPLUS builder in Colorado, Thrive Home Builders believes their homes should be built to the highest standards of health and sustainability, creating a space where families can grow and "thrive". Their leadership strongly believes they have a duty to help their customers understand the benefits of improved indoor air quality. Thrive proudly showcases their prior Leader Awards in their Corporate Office, while also featuring the Indoor airPLUS certificate in all model homes. Along with logos for the ENERGY STAR and Zero Energy Ready Homes programs, Thrive includes the Indoor airPLUS label in the mechanical room of their homes, showing their customers that they have a solution for reducing indoor air pollutants in their high-performance homes. EPA is proud to congratulate Thrive on their fifth Indoor airPLUS Leader Award!



E3 Energy, LLC

E3 Energy, LLC a now 11-time Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Winner, continues to work with their builder partners in constructing healthy, efficient homes. As experts in their field, they have seen the rise in demand for a healthy home and have used this opportunity to stress to their partners the importance of air quality in ensuring a healthy home. They have seen that encouraging their builder partners to build Indoor airPLUS labeled homes, and to market the health benefits, drives other builders to do the same. E3 Energy continues to lead their market and EPA appreciates their continued partnership. Congratulations on your deserved award!


Energy Inspectors

Through continuous improvements in how they promote the Indoor airPLUS Program and its benefits, Energy Inspectors has shown a long-term commitment to raising the standards in their market for high-performance homes through the promotion of healthier indoor environments. They are proud to offer the Indoor airPLUS service which helps their partners build a higher-quality, healthier home that will be easier to sell. Energy Inspectors includes health and well-being in conversations with their customers from the very beginning, articulating the details of the program, while showing their builders a clear pathway towards achieving the Indoor airPLUS label.



Congratulations to EnergyLogic on their first Indoor airPLUS Leader Award! EnergyLogic’s vision is a world where all homes are efficient, healthy, and resilient. As an integrated partner, they view their role as one to help builders advance their building practices and gain a competitive edge by building better homes and promoting the value of the Indoor airPLUS label. Education and training are also cornerstones of EnergyLogic’s partnerships and services. They have presented at conferences and participated in webinars to showcase their participation in the Indoor airPLUS Program and to share best practices with other builders. Their team has seen continued success with the Indoor airPLUS program due to their willingness to educate builders, raters, and consumers on the additional benefits that Indoor airPLUS delivers. Congratulations again on your incredible work!


JKP Energy Inspections

JKP Energy Inspections has shown a commitment to improving indoor air quality in new homes by actively seeking to enlighten their clients to the benefits of Indoor airPLUS through targeted outreach and technical support to those clients. JKP Energy actively seeks to help builders understand the value of indoor air quality in a home and the benefits of the Indoor airPLUS specifications. JKP Energy Inspections deeply understands the value of indoor air quality in homes and places the health and safety of homeowners above all. EPA is inspired by partners like JKP Energy Inspections, whose values and technical experience are combined to bring healthier homes to communities across America.


Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

Steven Winter Associates, Inc. has built a reputation as a market leading organization, pushing the industry towards healthier more sustainable construction practices. As industry professionals, they have lobbied for the design and construction industry to limit chemicals of concern, include balanced and filtered ventilation, and provide equality and accessibility for occupants. SWA have found that it is easy to convey the importance of the specifications to their partners by leveraging the design review process as an opportunity to explain the program and encourage builders to add Indoor airPLUS to their best practices. EPA is proud to have a partner such as SWA and congratulates them on their ninth consecutive Indoor airPLUS Leader Award!


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