Architecture Services

Architecture services are provided by Living Shelter Design, a Leading Force team member company. Principal architect Terry Phelan has more than 20 years experience designing healthier, sustainable homes using local, natural materials. Living Shelter’s full-service firm provides the following range of services.

Architecture services

Consultation / Feasibility

Pre-design consultation covers a range of services performed by Living Shelter Design Architects (LSDA), from site visits and feasibility studies, including research and coordination; to helping develop the design and construction program, including priority lists and creating loose conceptual sketches. These services will help You and the Architect decide upon your best options for this project, and a focus for our work together. We suggest having the Contractor chosen before this phase is complete, to begin the cost estimation process.

Preliminary Design

We explore the schematic development of the plan beginning with a basic layout of floor plans on the site and outlines of the most prominent elevations of the exterior. A second preliminary design may be included if you wish to see more than one option. Digital models and Integrated Design Team meetings are included for projects that desire a higher level of detail and coordination. The resultant designs will be presented for your review, where options will be discussed, and revisions will be noted. We suggest having the contractor participate in this phase.

Design Development

From the approved Preliminary Design, we prepare drawings and other documents to define and clearly describe the size and character of the project. These will include revised floor plans, sections, and elevations, as well as some of the special details and palate selections required to convey the design parameters. These will be presented for your review, and any revisions will be incorporated into the documents to be sure we have everything the way you want it in the next phase.

Permit Documents

Based on the approved Design Development drawings, we add the information required to provide you with permit ready documents. For new construction, the set will include a minimum of: Site Plan, Foundation Plan, Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Schedules, Elevations, Basic Details, and Sections. Remodel and Tenant Improvement projects vary considerably and permit documents will be appropriate to the needs of the client. Consultants may prepare any required structural details

Expanded Construction Documents

To achieve a more integrated design, and ensure that your goals are clearly defined, additional services and detailed documentation will be included to convey the parameters of any desired options listed in Expanded Services below. These services often fit into different phases from Design Development through Construction Administration.

Construction Phase

We always provide for coordination of information and communication with the contractor and building official as needed to clarify the construction documents. To expand on this, we strongly suggest a meeting with Living Shelter, you, and your contractor be scheduled prior to the start of construction. This gives us all the opportunity to review the documents together and clarify any ambiguous issues, as well as schedule future onsite meetings at critical points to ensure the construction stays true to the design we worked so hard together on.


Initial consultations are provided free of charge. After that, the bulk of the cost for all work will be hourly at our normal fee schedule. Once Preliminary Design is complete and we have identified the full scope of the project and all services required to meet your needs, a detailed estimate of time to complete the project, and provide a fixed fee for a clearly defined scope.

Expanded Services

Each client and project has unique needs. To ensure that we focus services to the areas that you would most like our support, LSDA makes many architectural services available as options. These options may be selected for inclusion in the contract, or added at a later date as additional services.

These options can add significant value to your project and create a more integrated design, and most of our clients choose at least a few to help achieve their goals. Full or partial scope for each item is available upon request. Once the scope of both the project and item are determined, fees for each item can be established. Some of the options are:

  • Assistance in interviewing and selecting a contractor for a design-build process on your project.

  • A limited computer generated walk-through of the project, exterior or interior or both, specifically tailored to Your project and the areas that are important to you.

  • Architectural detailing of built items and applied finishes.

  • Electrical plans for the home, including light fixture location and type, power, phone and cable outlet locations, and switch location and type.

  • Coordination of product selection of interior finishes, fixtures, hardware, and appliances.

  • Preparation of an expanded product schedules and specifications document for construction methods and materials, used to assure indoor air quality and sustainable sourcing measures.

  • Documentation and coordination of requirements for Built Green, LEED, Passive House, Living Building, or other sustainable certification.

  • Permit application, shepherding, and coordination services.

  • Consultation and coordination with specialty consultants for services such as landscaping, solar, interiors, smart house, or other design.

  • Construction Contract Administration, including regularly scheduled site visits to answer questions and verify design intent is carried out, approval of the contractor’s requests for payment, and creation of punch lists of incomplete or unsatisfactory items.

This process is all about you, and what you want in your home for your family's long term health and well being!

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