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Free Mini Seminars


Saturday September 12th & 19th

Jon us for 15-20 minute presentation on the hour leaving the rest of the hour for any questions you may have. These brief, but informative presentations will provide you with information on creating healthy, efficient homes. Come meet the experts!

11-1 & 2-4 American Clay Demonstration

Demonstrating American Clay applications throughout the day. Bring grubby clothes if you want to give it a try!

1:00pm Introduction to Solar

Solar Savings: Combining passive and active solar design for comfort and efficiency.

2:00pm What does Smart Home Technology mean to you?

Highlighting the role that smart technology can play in maximizing occupant comfort and operational efficiency.

3:00pm Healthy Home Finishes

Everyone deserves to live in a healthy home. Come learn how to create a toxin free home environment that ensures your family's safety.

4:00pm Save Energy, Increase Comfort & Improve Air

Important air sealing and ventilation techniques that all home owners need to know.

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